Yarn Donations Wanted

    Two things that I do a lot: Write and make things.  Using books and videos, I successfully learned how to both crochet and knit in 2006.  I became heatedly determined to learn after two failed attempts to learn crochet.  I knew I could do it and finally got it.  Back then, I didn’t expect … Continue reading Yarn Donations Wanted

Join the Conversation On Freeport IL Area Community Page

If you didn’t know, there’s a Facebook group page where people living in and around the Freeport, Illinois area can have conversations about what’s going on in the community.  It’s called Freeport IL Area Community Page. Here’s the description of the group from the home page: “This is a discussion group for the Freeport, IL area. … Continue reading Join the Conversation On Freeport IL Area Community Page

USPS “Stamp Out Hunger” Food Collection 2017

I received the postal service’s post card for their yearly food collection and noticed that they emphasized that HEALTHY nonperishable foods are wanted for the Saturday, May 13th, 2017 food collection.  “Donations stay in your community” according to the information on the post card. If you didn’t know, an overabundance  of the nonperishable foods donated … Continue reading USPS “Stamp Out Hunger” Food Collection 2017

Gospel Outreach Food Pantry

There are several food pantries located in Freeport, IL that I’ve written about here on Stephenson County Spotlight.     Gospel Outreach’s food pantry is another option for those of us who need help making ends meet.  Many of us, for one reason or another, are having a tough time doing just that these days. Gospel Outreach is … Continue reading Gospel Outreach Food Pantry